Friday, November 9, 2012

Strategies to Prevent the Flu in the Workplace

CINCINNATI — To help eliminate flu-causing organisms, the Cintas Corporation has announced five disinfection strategies for targeting germ hotspots, according to a press release.

touchpointsBy identifying the main areas where viruses and bacteria thrive, the tips help facility managers focus disinfection efforts, keeping building occupants safe and healthy throughout the flu season, the release stated.

"People often contract the flu by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their own mouth or nose. By focusing cleaning programs on specific areas throughout the building known to harbor bacteria, facility managers can do their part to keep guests and employees healthy," said Dave Mesko, senior marketing director for Cintas.

According to the release, Cintas identifies the following germ hotspot disinfection tips:

Hotspot disinfection tip #1: Disinfect high-touch surfaces — To reduce illness, ensure that high-touch surfaces such as door handles, desks, keyboards and phones are disinfected regularly.

Hotspot disinfection tip #2: Deep clean restrooms — The buildup of harmful germs in restrooms can easily transfer to guest hands and cause illness.

Hotspot disinfection tip #3: Be mindful of matting — While matting can be an effective method to trap and contain germs, soiled floor mats can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and microbes.

Hotspot disinfection tip #4:  Don’t forget flooring — To reduce overall bacteria levels throughout the facility, use clean mops and tools specifically designed to prevent cross contamination by separating dirty water from clean water.

Hotspot disinfection tip #5: Promote hand washing — Encouraging frequent hand washing is the single most effective method for reducing the spread of illness among guests and employees.

"The flu season is a great time to revamp cleaning and disinfection policies. By increasing cleaning frequencies and promoting hand washing, facility managers can do their part in preventing the spread of the flu," Mesko added. 

Click here to read the release in its entirety.

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