Recent outbreaks of whooping cough in several U.S. states have prompted representatives of Spray Nine to release key tips to ensure proper disinfection to contain the disease's spread, according to a press release.

"Despite the growing use of 'green' cleaning products, there's still the need for traditional disinfectants to further ensure dangerous germs are destroyed during the cleaning process," said Cary Zelich, marketing manager for Spray Nine, an ITW Permatex brand.

"Even in cases where legislatures are promoting green cleaning at state-run schools, cleaning professionals should note that most legislation doesn't limit the use or distribution of antimicrobial disinfectants or sanitizers," Zelich added.

According to the release, there are several tips that those involved in cleaning programs need to keep top-of-mind in combating the spread of the disease:

• Know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting
• Provide on-site training on a continual basis
• Concentrate on disinfecting areas that may normally get overlooked.

In regard to the spread of whooping cough, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says parents should ensure that their child is up-to-date with the whooping cough or pertussis vaccine to have full protection against the disease, the release stated.

The CDC also recommends adults, especially pregnant women who will be around small children, should get a booster shot of the vaccine to avoid spreading the disease to infants too young for the first dose of the vaccine — which is given at two months, the release noted.

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